War Robots Hack – Free Gold and Silver 2018 {Updated}

I bet you have already feel that golds and silver are harder to get. To be honest, that’s the truth like it or not. Now many players are looking for solution and I see lot of them spend their real money to purchase this. That’s why I wanted to show you this War Robots Hack that I’ve been using for a while now and I decided to share it public.

I will talk more about this cheat for free gold and silver bars later, now some facts about game.


War Robots – Online MP Game

War Robots is online multiplayer game where teams consist each of 6 members and they fight each other. You know it isn’t boring when robots are in it. There are more than twenty weapons options that you can switch from.

Besides resources, you will need a strong clan/team to win a lot. When things go downhill you need your team to support you so you’re ready for more wins.

When I was active player, I built very strong team but we had lack of resources and no one wanted to spend a dime. I used my coding knowledge to design a tool that will generate us with free gold and silver.

And three months ago it was built, only working online War Robots Hack all that because of me. We were using it for a while, then I stopped playing and shared it with you.

Nobody should struggle or even worse  waste their lunch money on this. I know this will help many of you and you’ll use it to make your team stronger.

Some questions are always asked, like is war robots hack working, is it updated etc. I’ll answer all of these in following text. Check it out.


Is War Robots Hack Safe and Reliable ?

If I could only get a penny every time I was asked this. So I’ll explain this in details

Our tool is 100% safe and reliable. Why ?

To increase safety we have invented anti-ban system that just gives you protection each time a day from getting banned. Than there is proxy usage which you can use and I highly recommend you to do that. It deletes every single data just like in Choices Hack. There’s no chance gold and silvers will be traced and you’ll get them in your account.

And just a fact, our hack had 100.0% uptime in past 2 months. Yeah, it has never crashed or stopped working. Because we have three different servers, it has incredible speed and it takes less than five minutes to finish the whole process.

Also everything is done through injecting data from original game. That’s the main vulnerability of War Robots and we manage to get use from it.


Will War Robots Hack Give Me Gold And Silver That I Want ?

Nice question and it will. I have seen so many fake “apks or modded apps” that say they will generate gold and silver. Then they do nothing.

Our tool is online-based so you don’t have to download anything, it’s all done through our servers. Also biggest advantage of us that we are no survey and you can easily use War Robots Hack.

See what is possible if you use our cheat multiple times :

war robots hack

Pretty impressive isn’t it ? Well you can have the same stats if you keep it with our generator. Just don’t trust everyone because you can get some kind of virus and end up with nothing.


Instructions on how to use War Robots Hack :

1. Click on button below to access online hack tool
2. Input your username/e-mail in “username” field to connect to server.
3. Choose your device. This is important because our script isn’t the same for Android, iOS or Facebook.
4. Next, choose the amount of Gold and Silver you would like to receive.
5. Wait for server to finish processing.
6. You’re done ! Congrats, you will see message after successfully using our tool.

NOTE : Sometimes you will need to verify a small captcha because of our anti-bot system that recognized you as a bot. It depends from which country you’re coming, but don’t worry it takes less then 2 minutes to complete it. Don’t worry after it you’re all done.


War Robots Hack



Final Words

So you have learned something new today. Not only that this is free, you can use it unlimited times. If you’re amazed and pumped up, please share it with your friends or your teammates, so they can enjoy in War Robots Hack as well.

If you have any questions, please drop a comment or contact us.

Thank you for reading !


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