Top 10 Best FPS ( First Person Shooting) Games for Android in 2018

For all FPS games lovers, you will love this post. It will show you Top 10 Best FPS Games for Android & iOS. Probably you know ton of First Person Shooting games for PC, but what if you want to enjoy on your mobile device ?

So read carefully, we’re going to bring you a lot of shooting games and our reviews are professional. Don’t worry, you’ll find what you like, going from zombies to special police, all of them are listed.

Let’s take a look from last one to first :


10. Standoff 2

As you know all of the games listed are shooting games, so that’s why they are listed in Top 10 Best FPS Games written by experienced tech BracoGaming‘s team.

So to talk more about Standoff 2 :

This is so much better then the first part. It’s waiting for you, to choose from terrorists to special forces in a fight to death. This game is in alpha testing mode so for now there are : 3 maps, system of messaging, lobbies and of course a lot of fun !

In October 2017, it will release new updates in which you will enjoy. Developer team works on  new game modes :

  • Deathmatch
  • Defuse the Bomb
  • Arms Race
  • Capture the flag
  • Robbery

Also they are talking about release of new knives,grenades and weapon. There will be new skins and exchanges by messaging other players or with a voice chat. More maps will be made.

My honest opinion for this game is that deserves #10 because of graphics. Game will be much better after a new update.

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standoff 2


9. Cops N Robbers – FPS Mini Game

Cops N Robbers is a pixel style online Multiplayer FPS game. You have two options : Singleplayer (story mode) and a worldwide Multiplayer. You will love the multiplayer because of it’s unique features you have never seen before.

Of course in singleplayer mode, you need to pick up your gun, ammo and battle against other opponents(computer).

Okay for Multiplayer mode you can love all of it’s features. PVP mode was built very carefully so it can be good and enjoyable. There are literally all kinds of modes :

  • Stronghold Mode
  • Team Deathmatch mode
  • Killing Competition mode
  • Peace Mode

In all of them you can select if you’re going to fight alone or team-up with people all around the world.

Let’s see how a gameplay looks like :

There are various systems to brag about. Starting from Weapon system which counts over 50 weapons. You can also design a weapon model just for yourself.

You can add your friends to friend’s list so you can chat when you’re both online. Cool thing is also that you can manage your skin and edit it however you want and like. That’s one unique system I was talking you about.

Only thing about this game I don’t like it’s the graphic, because I’m not a pixel-game fan. But that’s completely up to you.

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8. Gun Strike

There’s nothing much to say about Gun Strike. Just a casual shooting game. There are over 75 levels in this game which you need to pass. Also don’t worry about getting bored because you surely won’t. Choose over 20 weapons and see which fits you most.

Good thing about this game is a realistic effects : hits, blood, explosions etc.

That’s all for now, you can learn more by playing it.

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gun strike


7. Unkilled – Multiplayer survival game

Imagine if you’re living in big city something like New York and it becomes a zombie apocalypse. What would you do ? Probably you don’t know, but instead of that you can start playing Unkilled. This is something similar to The Walking Dead, and you heard about it being a best TV show.

Choose from 5 characters and customize each one however you want it to look. I’m not a fan of zombie survival games, but even I liked this so you will too.

I recommend you to first start playing singleplayer mode to get some skills and experience. Target enemies and bosses with over 150 missions to complete and stay alive in. After you get bored of killing zombies then head over to online PVP multiplayer mode. There are more then 40 weapons within 5 classes you can choose. As I said earlier you can customize how you and your weapon looks like. I have spent more time on customization then on playing, seriously.

Best thing about it is graphics for sure ! This game has been reviewed and voted for one of the best graphics game by many popular android games blogs like AndroidAuthority.

From shadows to explosions, all of it was perfectly made so we can enjoy while playing. We also think this game’s place is in 10 Best Free Android Games in 2017.Challenge your friends and win many rewards like VIP, badges and many more.

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6. Dead Effect 2

If you’re into Sci-Fi action then you must have this game on your android device. When it comes to missions, you’ll get your mind blown right away. Realistic sound and awesome graphics powered by latest updates and NVidia card so it just became more popular. There are 3 different personalities and you can upgrade more then one hundred body elements.

Also if you need more evidence why you need to install these game for singleplayer mode, it’s because of length. There are more then 30 hours gameplay, ten of that is for special missions.

Good thing about it is that they borrowed a professional voice actors. So when your character is speaking, it is full of emotions and it looks like a real world, although it’s a Sci-Fi game.

One fact to mention is that is also available for other platforms, so it’s even more popular then ever. Play it more then usual and you will get much more rewards. Achievements are easy to unlock and you just accomplish one by one.

Also you can fully customize on-screen options and adjust it like you want them to be. As I said before, effects in this game will leave you speechless and you will invite your friends to play it with you.

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5. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a FPS game in which you role as terrorist or counter-terrorist. When you’re playing as terrorist your main goal is to either kill CTs or to plant a bomb that will successfully explode.

In other hand, while you’re playing as a CT(counter-terrorist) you need to eliminate all the remaining terrorist or in case they’ve already planted bomb you need to defuse it as fast as you can.

Game is currently in alpha-mode, developing team is fixing all the bugs and errors and constantly trying to build this game to a top-level. You can choose from 2 different modes : Defuse and Team Deathmatch.


This is an android gameplay in which you can see the graphics. This video is more then 2 years old and a lot of it has been changed. Graphic is now better and lagging is not common anymore.

It was firstly build for PC but for large amount of hackers they moved to only mobile devices. Not long after releasing it for android, first Critical Ops Hack for android was published. It works online and it can help you get what you want in less then ten minutes.

Team Deathmatch is mode that you might like if you are action type guy. In it, teams compete against each other to dominate through specific time limit. I really recommend you trying this if you’re fan of CS:GO, it similar to it just for android version.

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critical ops gameplay


4. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger is one of the most popular FPS games ever made. It has more then 60 million players fighting against each other. You need to be careful and to get large amount of weapons to be one that survives.

While playing this game, you will see the action never stops. Basically you can’t get bored in first two-three months because you need to battle through ten regions and explore over 30 environments. Developers often blast a new update with new maps and regions so you never get finished.

As I said action never stops, that is what I meant with 600 gameplay scenarios and solo campaigns. This game wouldn’t have over 2.5million reviews on google play if graphics were bad. Graphics is one of the main reasons why it is so successful and why it keeps ranking in top 5 installs in one day.

dead trigger 2

Also it has own unique weapons that keep updating so you can renew your equipment.

By playing more you will need to defeat a lot of bosses. There are different types of bosses, but I won’t tell you about them now, I’ll let you know about them more when you start playing this game.

It’s not miracle why it is listed in Top 10 Best FPS Games of 2017.

Enjoy in tournaments with players around the world. Show your skills against them and try to become a new legend on ranking scale. Unlock new weapons and gadgets by going to wars and winning them all.

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dead trigger 2


3. Blitz Brigade

So we can talk much when it comes to Blitz Brigade. Game with more then 20million of installs is becoming more and more popular each day.This is online multiplayer game and it has amazing features and reasons why to play it even more. We will tell you some of them that will make you play it now.

For you to know, only 12 players can fight at the same time, but that is giving more fun. By voice-chatting you can create a great strategy that will destroy opponent’s team. Team-up with other players to crush other teams and work together for better experience.

There are loads of modes :

  • Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • Capture The Flag
  • Free-for-All

The newest one is Zombie Mode and you can see more about it here :

Test yourself in an singleplayer mode and see how good are your skills. Get to know over 100 weapons that you can customize in whatever way you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re bad shooter or you just want to be a sniper guy, you can now choose the class you want. Choose from soldier to supportive medic and help your team by bringing value.

To look more dangerous, find yourself a hat to wear and show them who has more style.

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blitz brigade


2. Modern Combat 5

In Modern Combat 5 you try yourself in a intense multiplayer or in solo play campaign as you go through hard situations. Good thing about it is that you can change and modify your class whenever you want. Choose from Assault, Sniper to Bounty Hunter and many more of them you’ll discover while playing. If you don’t want to play or if you’re tired, you can always watch other teams by spectating them. This is the unique feature I’ve been talking about.

For bigger win ratio, I suggest you to speak with your team so you can make a new strategy or plan an attack on opponents. Earn more XP by playing alone in solo-campaign. Unlock high-tier guns by mastering low-tier guns firstly. You can enjoy great graphics and very quality gameplay.

You can rank for best player in world by playing and winning on leaderboard. While playing you will win more rewards and cool prizes in limited-time events.

Also, you can submit your kill to the developer team and they will publish you on youtube. Every week new series comes out and you can enjoy watching this week :

Besides great multiplayer, I recommend you to start playing solo-campaing mode for extra party. In it you need to accept the call to go in Tokyo to war. Explore many cities as Venice while playing it.

Important thing to mention is that Modern Combat requires an internet connection. Modern Combat deserves second place on this list and now let’s see who wins the first place for Top 10 Best FPS Games in 2017.

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modern combat 5


1. Bullet Force

Bullet Force takes the win on our list. It’s only game with awesome graphics where 20players can fight against each other. Weapons are so realistic it’s like you’re playing some new-level game.

Weapon system is very unique. From over 20 weapons and 30 weapon camouflages you can build laser sight and other attachments. Customize your weapon in endless ways by simply hovering with your finger.

Also if you don’t like rules in some matches, you can always make your own custom server and set it however you want.

A biggest advantage of Bullet Force against Modern Combat is that you can play it offline. You can play it offline versus bots in a campaign mode, great thing to kill time when you don’t have internet.

You can choose from tons of maps and set it in your custom game. I like the maps because of the many options to hide and kill an enemy. Graphics is also a thing worth mentioning. As in this game graphics will blow your mind, there are rare games with this quality graphics on android.

Enjoy it playing Bullet Force and you will know why we put it on first place in Top 10 Best FPS Games.


Final Words

We put a lot of searching and playing on this list. Each game was played and we wrote what we like and dislike. I think everyone can find something for themselves here.

Doesn’t matter if you like being terror or fight against zombies, you can all find it here. Our Top 10 Best FPS Games might be different than yours, but from our experience in gaming we think this is high-quality post.

What do you think – What game deserves to be on this list and it wasn’t listed ? Comment and tell us your opinion !

Thank you for reading !









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