Rules of Survival Hack – Free Gold and Diamonds 2018 {Updated}

Rules of Survival also known as “RoS” has some pretty big new updates that will hurt every single player. None “wallhack” or “aimbot” will work now. I tried to make them, but I couldn’t. Instead, I made Rules of Survival Hack for Unlimited gold and diamonds. Best thing about it is that you don’t need to download anything, it’s online tool that’s super fast. I will tell you how to use it, but let’s find out something about it.


Rules of Survival – Deathmatch game

Rules of Survival (RoS) is online deathmatch game with a main goal to survive as long as you can. It has grown in this year and now it counts more than one hundred million players. Also it’s not type of gameplay you see often, it has her own specific unique graphics and movements.

Never forget to arm yourself, because in this epic battle you need to gather up a team that will take care of you. It’s easier to survive when you’re not alone. That’s why I suggest you to team up with your friends and make unbreakable squad. It’s similar to PUBG but again it has some different things that are advantages.

Sometimes you will get stuck when predicting what resources you need to survive. Mostly you will stay without resources and lack of diamonds, that’s straight way to die.

By knowing that, you already figured you will need to gather those resources and gold. But that isn’t something you need to worry about, because with this cheat I’m presenting you – it solves everything.

When I started using it first, it made me feel so strong. No one could defeat me, I always had best equipment. Later on my whole team started using it and we was untouchable. Story goes on, but I will show you more about Rules of Survival Hack it was build like War Robots Hack in similar way.


How much coins can I get with Rules of Survival Hack ?

The amount if absolutely unlimited. However we didn’t want to pass more than one million because your own safety. Because of our limit, it makes you safe and untraceable. It’s something that you don’t want to miss. I know you’re tired with the lack of coins and that you’re not able to get all stuff you want.

So look how much diamonds I have. It would cost me more than $300 and I got it for FREE

rules of survival hack


I know you are impressed. But it’s so easy and available to everyone – you can start using it now !

Don’t miss chance like this, it’s all updated and ready for use. Find out more of our tool in next chapter.


Is Rules of Survival Hack safe and untraceable ?

I get these question a lot of times. And to me it’s funny how people think. I wouldn’t published this tool if it wasn’t tested more than hundred times and never got banned.

You’re probably asking why is it so safe ?

Well, we’ve developed anti-ban system that deletes all the data and encrypts it. Also we have proxy usage which you can turn on/off. It adds extra layer of safety and security.

Among all these things , biggest brag is three different servers that you can use. It increases speed and our servers never fall down. You don’t need to download any apk or large size files, because it’s online.

Now that you know and ready to use it, just hit big button below and access the tool.


Rules of Survival Hack


Instructions on how-to use Rules of Survival Hack

1. Click on button above to access online hack tool
2. Input your username/e-mail in “username” field to connect to server.
3. Choose your device. This is important because our script isn’t the same for Android, iOS or PC.
4. Next, choose the amount of Gold and Diamond you would like to receive.
5. Wait for server to finish processing.
6. You’re done ! Congrats, you will see message after successfully using our tool.

NOTE : Sometimes you will need to verify a small captcha because of our anti-bot system that recognized you as a bot. It depends from which country you’re coming, but don’t worry it takes less then 2 minutes to complete it. Don’t worry after it you’re all done.


Final Words

This tool was perfectly build and besides that from this tutorial you can learn a lot. It’s not something that’s optional, everyone should use it. Also, share it with your friends and other players that want to become stronger to start using Rules of Survival Hack.

If you have any questions or need help, comment below or contact us – I will gladly help you to solve your problems.

Thank you for reading.





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