Hearthstone Hack – Gold and Cards Generator 2018 {UPDATED}

The moment all of you were waiting for is come. All players wanted to somehow get free gold or cards pack. Well today something changed. First working online Hearthstone hack is now available ! You can choose from amount of gold you want and card creator (generator).

You will find out more about it in later text. Now I’m going to say something about game, it’s features, pros and cons etc.


Hearthstone – Basic Information and Review

Hearthstone is online multiplayer game which is half action and half strategy-card. You will need to be fast and to think smart enough if you don’t want to lose every battle you go in.

Skills are very important but they aren’t enough, you know that already. We all need best cards to win, just like in every card game, but sometimes luck just isn’t on our side. That’s about to change because with Hearthstone hack you can use card creator and generator. With that advantage, nobody can stop you from winning.

What I love most is that your card collection is linked to your account. That means you can switch from phone to Desktop whenever you want and nothing will change. That’s good feature especially if you are low on battery.

There are times you just don’t want to compete with other people and you just want to rest and chill. No problem, because you can train yourself in battles versus computer.

As we know Hearthstone comes from same developers that made most popular online game ever played Warcraft.

Step into arena and duel other people to fight against you, be sure to build some skills and experience before that. If not, you will be defeated in seconds.

Hearthstone requires a lot of space on our phones, about 2GB that’s really big. We made our Hearthstone Hack online-based tool so you don’t need to download any mod or apk large files. Find out how to get free gold and cards creator for this lovely game.


How can I get free golds or some cards generator cheat that will help me win every fight from now on ?

I know you were looking for solution on this question. Stop looking anymore ! Because you can do that all with our online Hearthstone Hack that’s fast and strong enough to deliver all resources.

Just like we did in past with Fun Run 2 Hack that’s similar thing we’re doing today. We updated our servers so they can successfully generate all cards and gold you are asking for.

hearthstone cards creator

So are you ready to get all the cards with this Hearthstone Hack I’ve been talking for long while ? I bet you are !

Calm down and keep using hearthstone cheat.


How is this Hearthstone Hack working and why is it so fast and reliable + Instructions ?

Well like some our other tools, Hearthstone Hack is online tool that you can use whenever you want and on whatever platform you want.

Because of friendly-layout it can be used on Android , iOS , PC or even Facebook. Best thing about is you don’t need to download it. Other malicious sites gives you cheat that’s over 1GB. I know I wouldn’t download that stuff.

Best thing about this card creator is that no one gets banned. Neither you or us, because you can choose from 3 different IPs and turn on/off proxy. I recommend you to turn on proxy because your own safety.

hearthstone hack

Seems quite interesting. You can get this too just in two-three minutes. After instructions you will have a button which will lead you to online Hearthstone Hack for free gold and cards generator.



1. Click on orange button below, by that you will access online hack tool.
2. Input your username/e-mail in “username” field.
3. Choose your device. This is important because our script isn’t the same for Android, iOS or PC.
4. Next, choose the amount of Gold and Cards you want to create. Our Cards Generator is limited and you can’t generate over 100 cards.
5. Wait for server to finish processing.
6. You’re done ! Congrats, you will see message after successfully using our tool.

NOTE : Sometimes you will need to verify a small captcha because of our anti-bot system that recognized you as a bot. It depends from which country you’re coming, but don’t worry it takes less then 2 minutes to complete it.


Hearthstone Hack


Words for end of this tutorial

I hope you enjoyed in this amazing tutorial. You learned how to get free gold and use card generator. My recommendation is to stay away from other sites and use only this Hearthstone Hack. Keep playing and share it with your friends or classmates. This tool is free and it will always be.

If you have any kind of questions, please comment down below and I will help you out with it.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share it !


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