Critical Ops Hack – Free Credits and Cases {Updated}

Are you happy when you play Critical Ops ? If so, these news will get you even more happier. Critical Ops Hack tool for Free Credits and Cases is now public !

After testing more then a month, we fixed all the bugs and now it is perfectly working. Share it with your friends and be unstoppable.


Critical OPS – Basic Info

FPS Game was firstly made for PC but now it’s for mobile devices also. This game has a long history going through it, it’s not miracle why it lasted so long.

In July of this year, there was an update that disabled Critical Ops on PC.

Basically almost all PC users on this game had a hack(wall-hack,money hack etc.) so that might be one of the reason it was shut down.

But I noticed that no-one made a hack for mobile devices, at least none of them worked, it’s just bunch of pop-ups and ads.

Well today something changed, because you’re now looking at the first working mobile-devices Critical Ops Hack ever made.


Gameplay & Modes

The game by itself it’s now in development mode, so I will update this hack often if there’s a need to and test it.

It was developed by Finnish team “Critical Force“.

Experienced FPS players will have more skills and probably they will have bigger chance to win.

The game currently has 2 modes : Defuse and Team Deathmatch.

In defuse mode, terrorist try to plant the bomb and wait till the explosion, counter-terrorists need to prevent that by eliminating terrorists or defusing their bomb.

In team-deathmatch the teams compete against each other to win within a limited time.

As I’m more team-player then solo, I always play with my friends and we win every single game you know why.


Critical Ops Hack – Credits & Cases

So let’s speak more about our tool shall we.

I’ve fixed some minor bugs when I firstly made this tool, now there’s none of them.

I’m checking for updates, so this hack will always be up, just updated so you can successfully get credits or cases.

There’s no need for downloading our tool, because it’s online based so nothing else besides your username is not needed.

Anti-ban system is 100 % safe and reliable.

What else you can do here is generating smaller amounts every 2-3 hours.

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How does Critical Ops Hack work ?

Work is based on batch code I personally have written and edited from other FPS game.

Also it is on VPS, so there’s no down-time on our tool, that’s another bonus why should you use it. When this game updates our tool automatically starts updating too.


So, you must be excited to finally find working critical ops hack tool for mobile version of this game.

Don’t be rude, show it to your friends that you’re playing with.

Win every multiplayer battle and even be a part of week tournaments with our critical ops hack.

No more imagination, start doing !


Critical Ops Hack Tool


How to use Critical Ops Hack  tool ?

  1. Enter your username in specific field. Be sure that you type it correctly without any mistakes to successfully finish generating.
  2.  Select your device. It’s really important to choose between Android, iOS or Facebook, because our script is different for each one.
  3. Choose how much Credits do you want.
  4. Go on and wait till server finish processing.
  5. Open up game in next 2-3 minutes and credits will be there.

Note : Sometimes people from specific countries will need to verify captcha for their own and our security. Please verify it in order to properly generate credits. It takes only two minutes.


Benefits and features of Critical Ops Hack

  • Automatically update system for discovering all the newest game updates
  • Running on dedicated Proxy and VPS to secure you from bans
  • Fast and Reliable
  • Only currently working tool for this game (mobile version)
  • Trusted and secure development team
  • Finish all within 7-8 minutes of work


Final Words

Updates are often and you will see it in title right after Critical Ops Hack. Be patient and if you fail first time, most-likely you won’t but if you do just repeat the process.

You got all on plate, instructions on how-to use it. Without any hassle that’s important to mention.

Share it with your friends or teammates to be stronger in multiplayer mode.

If you have any questions or help, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you all.




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