Bomber Friends Hack – Unlimited Coins {UPDATED}

After playing few days, I really got bored because the lack of coins, probably you are in the same situation I was. Well, not anymore today you will read more about Bomber Friends Hack and how to generate unlimited coins.

I wasn’t able to create a tool that will rapidly throw bombs and automatically run, but I did manage to create this.

Most likely you have problems with the gear and tools, so coins will help you to buy them all.

For all the beginners in this game or experienced players, both of you can read this post and it will help you a lot.


Bomber Friends – Multiplayer game

Bomber Friends is online multiplayer game available for Android & iOS. Goal here is to bomb your friends and be the last man standing.

Collect powerups to get more powerful bombs that can bomb your friends all across the map.

Don’t worry if you get bombed to quickly, then the real party just starts.

You can haunt them with curses and even make their game harder, I remember this is one of the most exciting features for me.

Game by itself has more then half a million of reviews on google play with more then ten millions installs.

In my opinion, it’s great how you can play it multiplayer with your friends and there are different modes to play.

Everyone can enjoy in it features and find out more of them.


Game features

As I said earlier, there are plenty of features so let’s list some of them:

This is multiplayer online game and you can play with 2-8 players.

It doesn’t matter if they’re your friends or some random opponents.

We need to mention a campaign mode, with over 300 different levels to check out and 6 different worlds with never-seen monsters.

Customization is pretty well made, so you can adjust and customize your man or woman with cool hats, gear, greetings and etc.

There are different type of bombs in it, from the weakest ones to the ones that can blast your opponents across the map.

Boost of motivation is also a google play achievements and their awards.bomber friends


Bomber Friends Hack – more info

It was written by our team and we tested it, works without any errors or bugs.

With this tool, you can only generate coins, but it’s not “only” because you’ll be much stronger with all the expensive gear and shields.

A week ago i hit the maximum of coins, and there were nothing weird about it, no one didn’t noticed anything because I only bought expensive gear and all the tools.

bomber friends hack

As you can see I customize it very well, just kidding.

I think this is maximum of coins you can reach.

I generate it few times to get this amount, and no one knows or can tell that I’m a hacker, because coins are private.

After all the motivation and text, it’s time for you to actually get the coins with our tool.

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Bomber Friends Hack


How to use Bomber Friends Hack and generate unlimited coins ?

Click on button above and follow these steps and you will be finish in less then 10 minutes :

  1. Input your username/e-mail on “username” field.
  2. Choose your device : Android or iOS. It makes a difference because our script isn’t same.
  3. After that wait till our server connects to VPS
  4. Select amount of coins you want to be generated.
  5. Wait till server processing is done.
  6. You will get message “Successfully generated” after these steps.

NOTE : Because of our smart anti-bot system, you might be asked to verify captcha that needs less then 3 minutes to complete. This is because our tool recognized you as a bot trying to steal our data. Just complete captcha and you’ll be okay.


Final Words

Here you go gamers another tool that will help you a lot while playing this game.

Because of it’s online feature and first hack to generate coins you will be more then satisfied.

Bomber Friends Hack was made more then 2 weeks ago.

It was tested it multiple times, and it’s working.

If you have any questions please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you.

Thank you and enjoy your unlimited coins.


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