Blitz Brigade Hack – Free Diamonds Generator {Updated}

Do you like playing Blitz Brigade ? Yeah, you probably do, but sometimes you just want to have more Diamonds and Coins. Well, now you can with our Blitz Brigade Hack tool which can generate you unlimited diamonds and coins.

Sometimes you just want to re-spawn after you die, but lack of diamonds is bothering you. Don’t worry anymore fellas, you will get what you were looking for. I will write more about Blitz Brigade game and how did I made these hack tool by finding vulnerabilities in their system.


Blitz Brigade – Info

Blitz Brigade is online FPS fun shooting game. It was developed by Gameloft famous for their popular and awesome games.

It has cartoon graphics, so that’s why this is more fun game then action.

Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of action, but it’s not similar to other online FPS games.

Find out more about game’s features in next section.


The Gameplay

Okay, to be clear this game has tons and I really mean tons of incredible features. You will be amazed by playing it, and if you consider yourself to be a app gamer, you probably already have played it.

So what this game actually brings you ?

My first advice is :

Create or join a Squad to crush opponents in team games, and work together with good team communication and you will start seeing rewards every minute.

Very unique thing is Voice Chat.

I respect that, so you can plan your strategy and get really into the game. You can say your position if you’re asking for help or want to attack other players.

Up to 12 players can battle at the same time, this is cool so you can enjoy more.

We must to include Classes. If you’re not good at sniper – no problem, be a heavy-hitting Gunner or if you like to help others choosing supportive Medic.

As you can see there are ton of classes, and everybody can choose what fits them best.

Customize and learn new skills every single day.



There is loads of modes, including Deathmatch,Domination,Capture the Flag, Free-for-all.

  • Deathmatch – Really competitive, try to get more kills as you can in a straightforward fight.
  • Domination – Take a control of battlefield while defending your territory
  • Capture the Flag – Try to steal opponent’s flag and get it back to your base to win.
  • Free-for-all – Everyone is playing for them self, just keep shooting and shooting.


What can you use Diamonds for ?

  • Diamonds can be used to upgrade your weapons, shield, buy squads, XP boosters etc.
  • Basically everything that can make you a lot stronger, it needs diamonds to be purchased.


Blitz Brigade Hack – Get Free Diamonds and Coins

So our new top-level hack is now going to be published publicly after 2 weeks of testing. It’s 100% safe and there’s nothing to be worried about.

Why are we giving it for free ?

Yes, I could sell it for a lot of money, but that’s not in my interest, I was in your position couple years ago, broke and addicted to games.

I was constantly frustrated because other players were stronger then me, just cause they could afford resources that made them powerful.

This is my way of beating system and helping all other players that just want something for free.

If you can’t figure how to use it, there are instructions written below to guide you.

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How is Blitz Brigade Hack tool working ?

It’s working on VPS so it’s constantly up and never down. By pressing few buttons and typing you will get diamonds in less then ten minutes.

I don’t want to brag, but we must admit this is some new level stuff. I searched for some similar hacks and guess what ? They all failed. None of them actually worked.

First thing I open is some pop-ups and to download some mods and I don’t want to do that.


As you can see it’s working. Best thing about it, it’s online while it is fast.

You will find more about it when you try it, and if you get stuck you can read guide on how-to successfully generate diamonds and coins.


Blitz Brigade Hack tool


How To Successfully Use Blitz Brigade Hack tool

  1. Type your username/e-mail in first field.
  2. Choose your device (is it Android or iOS)
  3. Select amount of Diamonds and Coins you want to generate.
  4. Wait for server to finish processing
  5. Depending on your country, you might be ask to verify captcha (it just for security reasons).
  6. Open it on on your device and enjoy.


What are benefits of using our tool ?

  • It’s working, and it’s 100% secure.
  • No need for long downloads that take an hour to finish
  • Using proxies for your security
  • Easy and friendly layout, so you can use it from every device.
  • You can generate as much you want, there are no limits.


Final Words

I know this helped you a lot,therefore I shared my knowledge with other players.

There’s no need to spend money on it anymore, and you probably haven’t.

Enjoy our Blitz Brigade Hack tool and share it with your friends, since it can help your team.

If you have any question or problem with it, leave a comment so I can help you.

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