10 Best Free Android Games in 2017 (Review & Tips)

It’s very hard to actually find 10 Best Free Android Games in 2017, but here’s ones that we included. There’s a mix of categories including : Strategy, Action, Adventure, Multiplayer etc.

You will enjoy in these games that’s for sure because everyone will love one of the game listed if not more.

So let’s begin from the #10.


#10 Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure like the name says is adventure game. Besides of that it’s action as well, you won’t regret playing it.

So basically what you do is skiing downhill while trying to grab as much points, coins as you can. There are a lot of rocks that you need to jump or you will fail.

It’ll calm you down with amazing graphic and backgrounds of mountains and sunsets. If you don’t want to spend money on game and enjoy it, we honestly recommend you to start playing.

After 30-40 level, the game starts to be harder and you will not easily pass levels as you did before.

Even this game is old and it was chosen to be one of the best games of 2015/2016, I will put it also in 2017 because of amazing gameplay that demands your attraction.

Also you will do many stunts and grinding that you will enjoy in.

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alto's adventure review


#9 Chess Free

Many of you will disagree on this one, but this game is brilliant. Sometimes even I feel bored playing all the action games and just want to relax a little bit.

Chess is a great game to relax you from all the action and help you train your brain.

It’s just like a real chess you can play it with your friend.

If you’re enjoy playing vs computer, you can complete tasks and levels.

It has intelligent system, getting higher by every level, so even beginners can enjoy in it.

But what if you don’t know how to play chess ?

Don’t worry this is perfect time to learn ! With Pro-Tut feature you can learn all chess rules and become a undefeated player.

This game was build to help beginners as well experienced players, or someone who just wants to have fun beating his friends.

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top 10 android games in 2017, chess free


#8 Unkilled

This is multiplayer zombie survival shooter game. It was developed by Madfinger Games. It has recently been very popular and it replaced Dead Trigger 2 and became most popular zombie survival game.

Besides of PVP Multiplayer there are also more then 300 missions and boss fights to complete.

Graphics of this game is at top-level and surely is satisfying.

Also playing more, you unlock more VIP chests,golds and many more features.

Have fun in creating your own online PVP hero.

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10 best android games in 2017, unkilled hd


#7 Mobile Legends

Here we go with first MOBA Multiplayer game on this list. Mobile Legends are very similiar to the online PC game called “League of Legends”, basically I feel like playing LoL from my own bed and it feels awesome.

If you played other MOBA games this one is no different, but it’s better and has a unique features.

You play with 5v5 with other humans. So a good team tactic will always win.

Of course to mention there are 3 lanes, and if you’re beginner you’ll master them easily.

Battles are long about 10 minutes, often more.

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mobile legends


#6 Donut Trumpet Tycoon : Real Estate

Okay, this game is funny and awesome, I have to include at least one real estate or money game. So this is it.

What you do in this game is trying to become a billionaire real estate tycoon. You become by purchasing more and more real estates and renting them.

Buy from Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and replace it with Eiffel Tower and more.Choose wisely and build a road to your empire.

Earn extra money by investing into Wi-Fi, Karaoke, VIP areas.

Be careful for your daily charges, you don’t want to go broke.

Best thing about this game is using a real-city names and statues like : Paris, London , Sydney etc.

We don’t want to miss a Multiplayer either.

Beat your friends and earn coins. Battle with other tycoons for luxury places and outwork them.

Try to bankrupt your competition and you’re half way to building your empire.

This is almost like a real-life game, so anyone who likes financial stuff and money should install and play this game.

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donut trumpet


#5 Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem

There’s nothing much to say about it. You all know what is Texas Holdem Poker.

It’s just like a playing in real-life at table.

You get $60,000 worth of chips when you register and a chance every day to win $45,000,000.

There are many tables and tournaments you can join and play.

By earning more chips you unlock VIP privileges.

Good Luck and try not to lose all at once.

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zynga online poker,


#4 Golf Clash

Not your classic Golf game, here you can play tournaments, 1v1 or even challenge your friends !

Win prizes and challenge all of your facebook friends to earn bragging rights. Unlock chests as you discover and upgrade to better balls and better clubs.

Every shot that you find brilliant, it can be saved so you can show off with it.

As you get more trophy points , you get access to games worth more coins.

But be careful, losing games will reduce your trophy points.

This game is meant to relax you but it’s also very competitive that’s why we put it on our 10 Best Free Android Games in 2017 list.

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golf clash


#3 Cut the Rope

You all probably heard for this game, right ? I can’t describe how it is fun to me, levels are becoming harder and you need to use your brain.

This is game to play when you’re laying in your bed, tired or in school. When you’re just tired and it’s time to get some rest, install Cut the Rope and play it.

Believe me you won’t regret.

It has more then 750 million downloads worldwide.

They even have their own Youtube channel where you can watch short stories.

With adorable character, there are 425 levels waiting for you.

You can constantly upgrade yourself and unlock more features.

Even this game is meant for kids, I suggest it to everyone to train their brain.

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cut the rope


#2 Clash Royale

If you entered google play or app store even once, you will know about this game. It is one of the best games ever made with close to half a billion installs.

Number speak for itself, 17 million positive reviews that’s a huge number !

But what is it that attracts these players ?

I think it’s clans, because who doesn’t want to team-up with friends and fight against other clans.

Upgrade and collect dozen of cards as well royales : Knights, Princess, Baby Dragons and even more.

Goal is to take down Princess and Knights from their towers, by doing that you’re winning and earning trophies and crowns that you can use later on in game.

Challenge your friends to a private duel, that’s where the real fun begins.

If you want some crazy-addicting game, then sir this is for you.

Just make sure you play it with your friends or some online-buddies so you can form a clan.

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clash royale 10 best free android games in 2017


#1 Clash of Clans

Famous first place takes Clash of Clans , popular game similar to Clash Royale, but in my opinion CoC is better.

You just have to place this game on first place, after all the success it reached.

I play it sometimes even after two years of active playing, and I don’t get bored, that’s why I love it.

Same as in previous game I mention, you should join a clan so you’ll get more action and never get bored.

Defend your village with various strategies and bombs,traps and walls.

Plan unique strategies with spells, troops and Heroes.

Fight against goblin king(this is where you’ll feel pressure and have fun).

Clan Wars are often and in my opinion this is the reason why this game has this results.

If you don’t have this game on your phone already, install it and see why it took a first place on a list of 10 Best Free Android Games in 2017.

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clash of clans review

Final Words

We hope you enjoy this list, and this is from my point of view. I did my best to do a review from all categories, not just one or two.

In this list no mater what games you like, you’ll find a one that fits you the best.

I highly recommend you to try one of them, whatever you find interesting.

Thank you for reading and comment down below your opinion on what do you think which game needs to be listed on 10 Best Free Android Games in 2017.


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